Quiero Diginomics!

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5 pensamientos en “Quiero Diginomics!

  1. Greetings. My name is Wallace Wood in Houston, Texas (USA). I am the “father” of the word: “Diginomics” (1998), meaning “digital economics” … confirmed and published in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary in 2007 and other online resources. In a search of the word, I came upon your website and your book by the same name. I simply want to express my gratitude to you and to the many others who are giving life and credence to both the word and its original meaning. I applaud your work and would be interested in making connection. You can connect with me through my contact information provided on this form. Let me also invite you to visit my website at http://www.DiginomicsDefined.com and the various other social network pages (Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn). Thank you.

    • Dear Wallace,
      Thanks for the message, I checked your articles and website and we are on the same line. We would like to send you a copy of our work (we are based in Argentina at this moment). Please feel free to contact us if you need anything from here. Best regards,


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